Pre-Screening & Pre-Appointment Instructions

For All Microblading & Permanent Makeup Procedures

Please read through these to the very end! If you say yes to any of them, it does not necessarily mean you can not follow through with the procedure, however you must book a consultation in person or via phone with me, first. 

Pregnant or Breastfeeding? You cannot be either. 

Any Recent Facial Treatments: Laser, Peels, Botox, Fillers or Facials?

Laser and Peel: Wait 1 month or longer before and after any tattooing can be done depending on how strong the peel or laser.

Botox: Must wait 2 weeks until any tattooing can be done before and after receiving Botox. No tattooing 2 weeks before, no tattooing 2 weeks after.

Fillers: Fillers in the lips, no lip tattooing for 3 months after a client has had lip filler. Client must wait 1 month to have filler once lip procedure has been done. Fillers in the face will depend on where in the face? If not in brow area it should be ok.

Facial: Must have facial 2 weeks before any tattooing can be done and wait 2 weeks after tattooing.

Lash Extensions (Eyeliners Only): Cannot tattoo any eyeliners if they have extensions! Must remove extensions 2 weeks prior to appointment. Must wait 3 weeks after before putting extensions back on.

Latisse or Lash/Brow Serum: Cannot tattoo anyone on Latisse or Lash/Brow Serums! Must be off eyelash/eyebrow serums 6 weeks before any tattooing can be done (inform client this could still effect results). Must wait 6 weeks after appointment before starting serum again.

Tanned or Sunburned: Cannot work on anyone tanned or sunburned.  

Uses a Topical Retinol or Retin A: Must be off 1 month before any tattooing and 1 month after.

Accutane: Must be off Accutane for one full year before any tattooing can be done.

Blood Thinners: I can work on clients who are on blood thinners, but we want to know how long and make sure levels are worked out. You should consult with your doctor first to see if you can be off for 48 hours prior to tattooing. *If you bleed excessively this will dilute the pigment by half and results will be poor. This includes coffee/caffeine and alcohol, see Pre-Appointment Instructions below.

Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) or Prosthetis: You must consult with your doctor first to ensure you aren’t required to pre-medicate before dental or invasive procedures. You may need to take an antibiotic.

Any ongoing medical conditions you are currently being treated for (chemotherapy, lupus, etc.)? Need to know this information so I can assess and deem acceptable for tattooing.


Is there anything I should know that I haven’t already asked you? Last chance to obtain any information that may prevent them from receiving procedure.

Pre-Appointment Instructions: To ensure the best results possible, please come with brows made up (if they normally do) but no foundation! Client cannot sweat for 14 days post treatment. Do not consume any alcohol 48 hours prior to appointment (or 5 days if you are a daily drinker), or caffeine 8 hours prior to appointment (NO COFFEE!). Tylenol may be taken for pain management but no Advil or Asprin.


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